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Technology scouting

Our technology scouting service allows our customers to find the most complete and immediate answers compared to the typical research process of the state of technologies’ art.

With our NSBMATCH CRM, we can identify solutions in the testing phase or already validated on the market and organize targeted meetings with the highest level’s technological partners.

Moreover, thanks to the IGOR ^ AI Artificial Intelligence software, we can provide detailed analysis reports that illustrate the technical and scientific maturity of the solutions identified.

IGOR ^ AI in action

Here are two examples of how IGOR ^ AI has helped companies in improving their technology:

Get Weld Soon

Finding the golden egg

The combination of these two resources allows us to work on four levels:

1.Comprehensive state of the art of available technologies

2.Evaluation of Business Scenarios linked to the identified technologies

3.Peer Review sessions with target customers or industry key players

4.B2B meetings with scientific, technology or commercial partners

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Improving your Production Processes

SMEs’ competitiveness requires production control, effectiveness and efficiency.

Todays’ digital technologies can help managers and entrepreneurs to monitor and proactively improve processes, flows, reduce costs, wastes and all while increasing quality.

Our Consulting Unit supports you in designing effective data collection systems and effective automated production processes, by using innovative methods and tools, such as SIMVSM, powered by our technology partner Simplan.

As a result, you will be able to measure your production units’ efficiency, simulate alternatives to your current production flows and plan future investments.

Cooperation between SimPlan and NeroSuBianco for the Italian market


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Strengthening your R&D projects

Thanks to our solid collaboration with universities, national and European research centers, and critical international partnerships, we guide and help you in the research of processes, products and materials and – in general – of “new enabling technologies,” with a strong focus on results for a real impact on an industrial level.

Our team uses state-of-the-art tools that allow you to complete high-quality technological scouting paths in the shortest time.

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Improving your Environmental Footprint

The world is looking for Smart & Green Factories.

We are the ideal partner when it comes to reducing energy consumption, polluting emissions, wastes and and designing sustainable production processes and products.

As active members of 2 of the most influential EU networks, BBI – Bio Based Industries Consortium and SPIRE – Sustainable Process Industry through Resource and Energy Efficiency, we offer the opportunity to get aligned with innovators and state-of-the-art technologies, get involved in testing and evaluating products, machineries and plants all while contemporarily adding a “circular” value to your products and processes.

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Finding grants and funding

We support you in the research, analysis and choice of incentives / contributions / financing for all your technological innovation projects starting from the National Industry 4.0 Plan, confirmed by the 2020 Finance Act with the Transition Plan 4.0 through the tax credit for capital goods (which replace Hyper and Super Amortization), the Nuova Sabatini, the 4.0 Training Bonus, the Tax Credit for research & development, innovation and design activities.

A dedicated team will also help you use your region’s European structural funds or the most ambitious European programs such as Horizon 2020, Life, and others that are our consultancy’s flagship.

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